Friday, November 28, 2014


It has it's trials, it's triumphs and those days you're convinced not only the stars are stacked against you but so is the dishwasher... 

Ty's been followed for years by specialists about his height and it's been a struggle; he's been bullied, he's cried, I feel frustrated I can't make it better. 
Seeing the paediatric endocrinologist from children's hospital yesterday answered questions  and left more unanswered. 

Ty looked at her and said "please make me normal" ... As a mum it broke my heart.

The meds cost 20,000 a year and I'm so grateful I'm a nurse with benefits and a Canadian. What my plan won't cover the drug company will on a compassionate basis. 

He will need daily injections of hormones which I will administer till he's 19 and were awaiting lab and  genetic testing to see if he also has celiac disease, or any other thyroid or pituitary abnormalities. 

Rylie has two learning disabilities and anxiety and last year she went from not knowing her alphabet at 8 years of age and today she now knows her alphabet and 75 sight words!!! Her amazing progress gives me hope for Ty's journey. 
Nothing in life comes without struggle except eating chocolate that is easy and lovely :) 

Oliver and Olivia are growing tons! Olivia much quicker :) Oliver's awaiting his turn to loose teeth, Olivia's sketching all the time. They're a bundle if fun, double the trouble and double the joy. They're both happy to be out of kindergarten and into the big grade 1 :) 

Our family is awaiting the arrival of our sweet Hazel Butterscotch Noël on December 19th!! 

Loosing our dog Louis a year ago has been hard and not one day has gone by that Olivia hasn't shed a tear or needed a hug and asked to look at pics of him. 

Our lives are rich and full of laundry, endless never ending rarely folded who cares about sorting laundry... 

Friday, May 31, 2013


Who is Chelsea? Does she have a last name? Oh wait she has so many shell request an extra sheet for her record check to jot them all down ?

What does that mean? Married too much adopted? Not wanted? Just ask.will she say? Probably but maybe no.

Friday, December 30, 2011


sometimes i wonder why in the heck i am where i am..... and then i hit myself upside the head and realize that i am in control of my own journey and only mine. am i sad that i am going through a divorce yet again? yes am i embaressed that i am? yes am i devastated? yes

that does not mean though that I am not seeing happiness and aware of all the good that I have in my life. I have been blessed immensely since August. reuniting with Jeff, the placements i have received in nursing school, my children's health and happiness, my own cloud beginning to lift.

there are days when i don't understand why the most recent Marr..... didnt work, i will never be able to speak for the other party or understand his motives, that is a fact. the lies and deceit that has spanned 3.5 yrs has taken its toll on my ability to trust, to believe in what someone is saying and that will take time i know.

for now i shall keep on trucking, writing papers, making lunches, having play dates, clipping 4 sets of toenails and nursing.

Monday, May 3, 2010

matters of the heart

is it possible for one person to supply another with all they need? i think no, then why do i spend a large majority of my emotional time upset by others not "giving" me what i need? is it what i need or is it a want?

who decides what we need and want as beings? is it pre programmed into our hard drive? is it as simple as finding the right remote in someone else and having our personal needs fulfill led by what they can offer?

i feel it is not possible for one person we love to supply us with all the "'things'' we need, be emotional, physical, financial, or companionship.

so then why do i expect so much from someone?

i have tried wrapping up all of me into one being and it turned out highly unsuccessful, so then why do i feel i am going against the grain when i confide in a friend or vent to a coworker?

i suppose in a ideal world where i am comfortable with myself i would in turn require less from others.

september of 2009 i was flying high, i was supporting myself and 4 children, i was happy i thought i was pretty and i felt so alive. now it is may 2010 and i hate looking in the mirror, i am supporting my self and 6 other people and i am failing miserably, and i feel anything but alive.

why the change, where did i go, a year ago i had boundaries, i didn't let people get to me the way i do today, i was who i was and that was that. now i just don't know. have i had unachievable expectations of myself? did i take on too much?

should i even be putting this out there? too late... i am almost positive i am not the only one with self doubt and thoughts of questions upon questions.

where did i come from? where am i going? i know or do i know what i have been taught? do i believe it for me myself and i? not because i have kids but because i care enough for myself to find out.

chasing chelsea has begun

Friday, April 9, 2010

To speak when others listen

To listen when others speak. To see then judge. To shatter.

I recently was the "victim" of a she saw, she told, she accused event. I never want this occurrence to happen to me again. As much as I disliked the entire process it made me think, '' have i ever done this?'' By this I mean, have I ever saw someone or heard something and then gone on to tell others of this ''siting''.

I have, I have definitely gossiped and talked as if I knew exactly what I was talking about, when in fact all I knew was nothing. What happened to me was extremely hurtful and I do not want to un knowingly do that to someone else. Now here comes the hard part, to not gossip is extremely difficult and easier said then done.

In my defense I have never gossiped to the point where someone stops speaking to their family. Or have I?... How would one know the extent of damage caused?

In the past 7 months I have become rather calloused to the idea of judging others, I see absolutely no point in doing so and have even less tolerance for those who do. Gossip is to judging as judging is to gossip. They do nothing but confuse, hurt and lower IQ's.
I used to be very black and white when it came to right and wrong, except of course when it was regarding my actions then I had some room for grey.
I have realised that I have enough to do and barely ever accomplish it, why would I add the impossible task of judging others who are just trying to make it through their day?
As much as crappy experiences bring us growth, they are still hurtful and crappy! However I have chosen to walk away from the crap and grow from the lesson.
Which to me is to smile, do the best you can and appreciate others for their efforts.
Here's to turning crappy experiences into fertilizer!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Chasing Chelsea

As I daydream of political, spiritual and humanitarian discussions, I feel the urge to let them spill out. I am not a prolific writer or even a talented one at that. I am just one that heals from the words of others and by releasing my own.

I wanted to keep this blog seperate from that of my "lighter" blog, partially because I dont want my thoughts to be confused as my "families" thougths, they each like me have their own words. Which I try to express on that blog, on this is me finding me.